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A Memorial and celebration of the life of Annie Napier-known as “Annie or Aunty Annie”

Annie was born on January 22, 1922 on the island of Hawaii, the youngest of four children born to Alexander and Catherine Milne Napier. At the age of 5, the family moved to Honolulu, residing in Manoa. Annie graduated from Roosevelt High School and started her work life, selling War Bonds at Pearl Harbor. She held various secretarial and credit department jobs. She also worked at W.A. Ramsey and Am Fac Distributors, which she retired from in 1984. She was an active member in the Honolulu Credit Women’s Assn. and held most offices in the organization. She was the first female Grand Juror in Hawaii.
Annie loved the Hawaiian Islands and all of its people, customs, and cultures. She could speak to anyone, using words of their languages. If she had an appointment for anything or if you had steady contact with her, you were likely to get some cookies or manapua to show her appreciation. She danced the hula and loved all of the different ethnic foods.
Annie treasured her friendships and kept in contact with all. Her spirit remains her everlasting remembrance, however, for she was always generous and kind, thinking that keeping more for herself was “to much”
Her surviving 9 nieces and nephews-as well as all of their children–loved her for her caring, generosity, friendship and love. Aunty Annie was an important part of their lives and will forever be terribly missed.
Annie died in her sleep at her home on December 6, 2009, leaving written instructions that she not ‘inconvience’ her friends with a funeral. Her wishes were followed, and a private graveside ceremony at Oahu Cemetery was attended by her family. She is buried beside her Mother and Father.
She was predeceased by her siblings, Katy Richardson, Jean Tybuec and Alex Napier Jr.
If we were to ask Aunty Annie what she would want in lieu of flowers. she would say, “Tell my friends and family to love each other and thank them for a wonderful life.”

- Denotes U.S. Military Veteran