Ella M.J. and Dickey H.T. Lau

Posted On September 30th, 2011 -


On May 23, 1921, Ella Miu Jun Lee was born in Portland, Oregon. At the age of seven, Ella moved to Tai Shan, China, and grew up a diligent, scholarly student.

Dickey Hoon Tuck Lau, born in Honolulu, HI, on July 30, 1923 was raised and nurtured by mother Violet Wong Lau and Grandmother Lau Hong Shee, and initiated his English education at Puuhale Elementary.

Due to the passing of his mother at an early age, Dickey Hoon Tuck and his brother, Hoon Chin, similarly, moved to Canton, China, where they were educated. In June of 1948, Dickey graduated from the New China Institute of Journalism.

Meanwhile, Ella matured into a devout Christian missionary and fervent prayer warrior, affiliating herself with the Assembly of God Seminary and Missions in Hong Kong.

So, it was in China, Dickey and Ella met and on June 2, 1949, married. With Communism looming over China, Ella, along with other missionaries, returned to Hong Kong for safe haven.

During their final preparation to leave Shanghai, Dickey and his brother witnessed China’s downfall to Communism, resulting in Dickey and brother’s detention in a concentration camp. After four months of meticulous planning, twenty-seven prisoners initiated their escape from China via the Yangtze River. After swimming in hypothermic waters and enduring severe conditions, Dickey was one of the two prisoners to escapte to safety.

Dickey traveled relentlessly from Shanghai throught Fuzhou and to Canton, speaking three diferent Chinese dialects, to seek his grandfather’s advice on configuring his escape from China via Hong Kong, the only port of exit, and reentry into America.

After much red tape and logistical challenges, Dickey managed to return to Honolulu, and subsequently arranged the return of Ella and Lurene, born in 1950, to the U.S.A.

When Dickey and Ella arrived in Hawaii, Dickey received information that his brother did not survive the Chinese concentration camp and that grandfather lost his wealth and possessions to Communism.

Dickey wisely chose to be trained vocationally at Honolulu Vocational College and to receive on-th-job training with various plumbing companies.

Dickey and Ella’s family size increased with Rickey in 1952, Shirley Ann in 1953, and Sheila in 1956.

Ella continued her affiliation with the Assembly of God Church in Honolulu, HI. She led the Chinese-speaking Division at Calvary Assembly of God during the years 1956 through 1966.

Meanwhile, Dickey trained and worked locally and abroad as journeyman plumber and later worked as a maintenance handyman for the Hale Kulani Hotel.

For many years Ella and Dickey worked hard and lived frugally. They purchased and sold residential properties in Kalihi, in Palolo, and then in Wahiawa.

In 1974, Dickey and Ella purchased the Park and Shop Launderette, where they maintained and offered the services for 29 years to the Wahiawa community.

On September 12, 2008, Ella Miu Jun Lau, wife of 58 years passed away.

In 2009, Dickey moved to Hardesty St., to enjoy his senior years with his adult children.

Dickey particularly enjoyed patronizing the local shops and eateries. On the evening of Tuesday, July 5, 2011, Dickey was walking to or from some of his favorite neighborhood spots on 10th Avenue, when he sustained extensive injuries in a pedestrian/ automobile collision.

Today, we celebrate the lives of Dickey Hoon Tuck Lau and Ella Miu Jun Lau, their hard work and intense desire to contribute to family and community. The extended family of the Dickey Hoon Tuck Lau and Ella Miu Jun Lau wishes to thank the many people who loved and embraced Dickey and Ella during their long, productive lives. We are forever, humbly grateful and indebted to you.

Dickey and Ella Lau are survived by their four adult children, Lurene Lau, Rickey Lau, Shirley Ann (Lau) Yoshida and Sheila (Lau) Yamaoka; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Donations and condolences may be mailed to: Shirley Ann Yoshida
P. O. Box 861087
Wahiawa, HI 96786

- Denotes U.S. Military Veteran