Posted On May 6th, 2012 -

In Loving Memory
06-09-1948 – 01-03-2012

Robin was born on June 09, 1948 to Harold and Sue Lee. He is survived by his wife Victoria, his sons Kainoa, Hauoli, Victor, his daughters Keanani, Kealohi, Aulani and his sister Susu. He grew up in Ka’a’awa where he developed his love for the ocean. In 1966, he enlisted the U.S Navy and was sent to Vietnam where he served our country for 2 years. In 1969, he returned to Hawaii where he became a commercial fisherman and started diving for Black Coral. He joined the Honolulu Fire Department where he later became the youngest Fire Captain in the State. In 1988, after losing all his possessions and suffering from a devastating accident that left him paralyzed, he retired the Fire Department. With nothing to lose, he decided to move to Maui and risk his life diving for Black Coral deeper than before. In 1994, he married his wife Victoria and had 2 children, Aulani and Victor. Robin regained his life and happiness, and built a new boat he named “Aulani”, which has been the only Black Coral boat operating in the island for the last 13 years. Black coral diving has been his passion; he loved risking his life and the fun of spending time with his crew in Lahaina harbor. Despite his handicap, he never let anything hold him back and has been an inspiration to all of us who were lucky to meet him. Only the nicest memories will comfort us through the years. The Beginning

It is the year 1952, waking up to the sounds of coconut trees whispering from the gentle trade winds
And gentle surf embracing polished black stones that line the shore of magnificent Makaua,
Island of O’ahu, trade winds gently blowing,
Glistening morning rains fall on this God’s piece of Earth,
The most beautiful land from blue sea to blue-green mountains,
This is windward O’ahu, in the islands of Hawai’i,
My birthplace and a sacred land from ancient times,
Playground of the kings of old Hawai’i.
In this sacred land my formative years and my true soul was born!
I love this land and the inner peace it allows me to have
Though only 4 years-old, I knew in my heart that this place was like no other,
A deep feeling engulfed me of love, respect and serenity,
That is etched into my soul till today
Tall swaying coconut trees line this little piece of paradise,
The wind swept sea and constant surf and swirling current captured my mind,
The sea would be my great teacher its power and beauty is unmatched
And only enhanced by the blue-green mountains and waterfalls above my mother’s house.
Written by Robin E. Lee 05-25-08

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all family, friends, neighbors, Aulani’s crew, Maui Police Department, and Maui Paramedics for all the love and support during this time, and the Honolulu Fire Department and US Navy for the beautiful tribute to Robin during the services in Oahu. Special thanks to Aulani Jewelry’s sales Staff. Victoria Lee and Family

- Denotes U.S. Military Veteran