Posted On July 30th, 2013 -

ERNEST NALANI HEEN, JR. (JUGGIE) Ernest Nalani Heen, Jr., the son of Ernest Nalani Heen, Sr., and Jeannette Kahuoi Hanapi, was born on August 31, 1930, and expired on July 1, 2013. He was known to a wide range of friends and acquaintances as “Juggie,” a nickname he acquired as a young lad. Juggie is survived by four sons, Temujine, Tai Chung, Pono, and Ainoa, and one daughter, Tandra (Malia). After his discharge from the Air Force in 1956, Juggie received “on the job training” in real estate development and sales from his father. Juggie’s knowledge and application of real estate principles, practices, and law attracted the attention of Centex Trousdale, Corp., which hired him to assist them with the development of the lands of Kaneohe Ranch, Ltd. After his success in developing the neighborhoods of Pikoiloa, Kapunahala, and Aikahi Park, Centex made Juggie the overseer of their development of Ahuimanu Valley in Windward O`ahu. Acting for Centex, and with the participation of the Dillingham Corporation and the City and County of Honolulu, Juggie utilized the State Improvement District Statutes to construct the Kahekili Highway, which afforded direct access to Kahalu`u, through Ahuimanu. With Kahekili’s completion, the previously landlocked area was opened for development: the state was able to construct the Windward Community College, and Centex had the opportunity to develop the lands of Ahuimanu Valley. The valley was transformed from an isolated area that had been zoned for industrial use to a vibrant neighborhood community of mixed uses: residential, apartment, commercial and open recreation. Old timers of the valley consider its transformation a monument to Juggie’s ingenuity. In the mid-1960’s as a member of the House of Representatives representing Windward O`ahu, Juggie was directly instrumental in providing succor to needy citizens through legislation requiring insurance companies to cover the cost of chiropractic treatment, and in promulgating the state’s Temporary Disability Insurance Program. Juggie has always “swum against the current” of public opinion regarding exercise of individual rights and most recently championed the right of “death with dignity.” Indeed, Juggie’s very passage is his testament in support of the principle that people should be allowed to decide for themselves how they shall leave the community. He maintained that principle to the end and never, “winced nor cried aloud.” (William Ernest Henley) Juggie is also survived by seven grandchildren, three great grandchildren, his sister, Marion Heen Shim, and his brother, Walter. Final services will be held on August 8, 2013, at 9:00 a.m., at Oahu Cemetery on Nu`uanu Ave.

- Denotes U.S. Military Veteran