David Coburn Larsen
David Coburn LarsenDAVID'S OBITUARY - 12/26/17 written by David C. Larsen Way back when, as the World War II was winding down, David Coburn Larsen was born; the only blue eyed blond haired kid in the Queen's Hospital nursery at that time. Moved to the mainland in 1947 and for high school went to Wooster School in Danbury Connecticut (which grandfather had founded) and then to U Va to chase (but not to catch) girls. Then to Choate School for teaching and to stay out of Vietnam-- but not for long: "You're in the Navy, now, Bub." Three years later and two 6 month "cruises" on board a destroyer I am out of the Navy, married to my Rock of Gibraltar Pam, finishing up UCLA Law school, and enroute to Honolulu to surf, ride a motorcycle, and oh yes, join Cades Shutte Fleming and Wright as a totally wet-behind-the-ears lawyer. Our bouncing daughter Jennifer comes along in 1980. Great kid. Not cheap. Now she is married to Caine Evans, living the happy life in Burbank, California, and working as a Clinical Psychologist in downtown L. A. Somehow the law firm put up with me for 37 years, three books (Who Gets It When You Go? and its progeny; five years of a bi-weekly Q and A column in the Advertiser), plenty of vacations (12 trips to Turkey!) and then finally I throw in the towel and retire in 2012. It's been a terrific life with my rock Pam, daughter Jennie, and all the wonderful people and families I met while working at Cades. I remember the friends I met, the people I have known, and body surfing at Sandy's and hiking in the mountains. A wonderful state and people. Thanks to all of you, and Aloha, David P.S. Make a connection. In place of flowers (I'm certainly not going to enjoy them!) make a connection with someone you haven't seen in awhile. "Party, Remembrances and Laughs" coming in March. Please email: for details. Arrangements Provided By: Ultimate Cremation Services LLC

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