Our world lost a paragon of virtue and generosity when Sheena May van der Lingen Winnie, of Kailua, passed away from natural causes on Saturday, October 17th, 2020.

Sheena was born in Natal province in the Republic of South Africa on May 2nd, 1932, daughter of the late Marius and Betty van der Lingen. She migrated to London in the fifties to attend the London School of Dramatic Art. She became a successful actress and model, appearing in several film classics such as Circus World and Fall of the Roman Empire, which were produced in Madrid. She arrived in Hawaii in 1968.

Sheena led a very active and colorful life starting from the age of 15 when she was captain of her field hockey and swim teams at a time when women were not encouraged to participate in sports. Sheena also became an active rock climber scaling various peaks throughout South Africa. Her insatiable appetite for adventure almost led her and a fellow traveler, while on a cruise, to be captured and imprisoned as part of a human trafficking ring in Mombasa Kenya. This brush with danger instilled in Sheena a great fighting spirit and a strong desire to live a very long and productive life, including supporting and providing advice and mentorship to women in transition.

As a long standing member of the Hawaiian real estate community, Sheena was highly beloved and respected by everyone, not only for her infectious warmth and personality, but for always upholding the rules above what would be personally the most lucrative. Her impeccable wit and charm, along with her exceptional character and integrity, endeared her to everyone who were privileged to have known and made her acquaintance. Her love of animals, including her support of ASCPA and long standing dedication and loyalty towards her dog Chloe, is actively instilled in her two children.

Sheena was active in her sorority, PEO, and served as Chapter President for many years. She enjoyed accompanying her son as a VIP guest to the 2012 London Olympics and the 2012 convention in Tampa. She attended several presidential inaugurations where she truly enjoyed dancing up a storm. Her Santa's Village and Charles Dickens collection, always on display during the Christmas season at her home in Kailua, were truly remarkable while guests ravenously ate delicious food prepared via her secret recipes and then proceeded to dance the night away.

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Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased