The Life, The Love, The Legacy of Larry Baugh
The Life, The Love, The Legacy of Larry Baugh Larry Baugh went home to glory on January 12, 2021, with his wife Lika, daughter Pora, and son Shaughnaussey by his side. Larry was born at Tripler Army Medical Center and spent his childhood in Kalihi and later moved to Nanakuli, "da West Side".
He was a proud "Nanakulian" is what he would say. He was an all-star football and basketball player out of Nanakuli High School.
His career goal was to work for Servco Pacific Inc, and through a temp agency got into Servco and was then offered a full-time position with SIOT, Servco Integrated Office Technology. He moved to SHAD, Servco Home Appliance Distribution, and finally to SAPC, Servco Auto Parts Center under the leadership and guidance of Bev Sato where he spent the last 10 years. October 2021, Larry would have celebrated 30 years with Servco. He spent half his life with a company that he was proud to be a part of. His life was a life of loving and caring for his family, hard work, dedication, and loyalty, that was full of joy, laughter, and so much love. Larry leaves behind a legacy of truth, humbleness, humility, being true to who he was, and his never wavering faith in God.
Until we meet again!
We love you,
Your family
Larry, you are missed in so many ways…and by so many people. You touched us all with your smile, personality, and sense of humor. Rest in peace knowing that the lives of everyone you came in contact with were made better because of those moments.

*Rick Ching
*President and Chief Operating Officer
*Servco Pacific Inc.
*Larry was a wonderful guy--great member of Team Servco for many years and a terrific husband and father. He represented the best of Servco, and through his dedication and commitment, rose from an entry-level position and became a key part of the management team. I will truly miss him as a friend.
*Mark H. Fukunaga
*Chairman & CEO
*Dear Larry,
*I just wanted to drop you a note to say, "Good job!"
*You lived the Servco Core Values – the original one and the current one (TEAM SERVCO and RSTI)!
*You lived by the 2 pillars of The Toyota Way – focusing on Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.
*You accomplished what you set your mind to do and did it to the best of your ability.
*Your legacy lives on through everyone that you've touched throughout your life.
*I am so proud to have known you, to have seen how successful you were, how caring you've been and how much you meant to so many people. Your strength was how you interacted with people – you had a special knack.
*I miss our talks. Just know that you did well.
*Until we meet again, my friend. Fly with the angels. Rest in Love.* Bev
*Larry helped me find the courage to speak my mind. He made me feel that my ideas were important, and continued to encourage me, even when I failed. I will miss our talks and will miss him as a friend.
*Thank you,
*Darrell Puu
*Distribution Warehouse Manager
*Servco Auto Parts Center
* ***********************************************************************************************************
*Larry was such a pleasure to work with as he did such an amazing job changing the attitude at the SHAD warehouse. In a very short period of time after he took over, he was able to dispel the negativism and bring joy to the place. While I certainly was sorry to have him leave, it was great to see his success working with Bev and her team. After he left us, I missed his steady hand, his positive, get the job done attitude and his great laugh.

Craig Washofsky
Pacific Home & Appliance Distribution
*I'll miss your dedication to hard work, wonderful sense of humor and humility. I know you'll even make Heaven a better place, and one day I hope to join you in a game there.
Larry my Braddah, thank you for being part of our lives. You honored and blessed us all. Hawaii has brought us many great men. My friend, you are one of them. The aloha you bring and share with everyone, your smile and laughter, we will miss it. Our mainland friends remember and talk about your generosity, taking care of them, treating them as your own Ohana. Your heart is bigger than you may know yourself! Miss you my friend. You still bring smiles. I know, with your angelic wings, you look over Lika and Pora. If can, throw a glance my way now and then!

Miss you, love you brother,
Alan Oto
Sr. Director, Automotive Division
Custom Goods LL

I have never met a person who exemplified more humility, with a humbled heart, that cared far greater for the person next to him then himself. Larry saw truth, always proving a family, loyal friend, and a great steward to caring for others. I will forever miss Larry's smile, his words of wisdom and for being such a great inspiration of life.

Rest in Peace Larry
Tony Gregory
President & CEO, Custom Goods, LLC
Larry Baugh was not only my friend but he was also my mentor. He mentored me not only on the job but with my personal walk with Christ. He was a hard working man of integrity, loyalty, and honesty. Larry was a God fearing man with a "sweet tooth" who did everything out of love and respect. Thank you my friend for being a great example. "Praise the Lord my braddah, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!" Until we meet again,
With Love,
Alan, Tynia, and Ohana
One Of The Best Brothers Ever
Larry you were always the lil brother, the youngest of all of us 5 siblings!! Yet, you left a great big impression on everyone who were blessed enough to get to know the person you were. The memories are countless, each one leaves a huge smile upon my heart . You are very very loved, you my brother will be missed.
Love You To Heaven Larry,
Love Your Sis Coke.
To My one and only daddy!
My angel, who guided me and helped me grow into who I am today.
My angel, who I had the privilege of walking this earth with for 24 years, each day feeling blessed and lucky to call "dad".
My angel, who did everything to make sure that my brother and I would grow up with good lives, never wanting but teaching us to take care of what we needed.
My angel, who makes my mother feel love like no other.
My angel, who dedicated and worked almost half his life for a company he loved.
angel, who I will miss dearly because he is no longer in his human form.
My angel, who now gets to sleep in, enjoy playing pickup games pain free in the park or eat a meal with his mom, brother and sister again.
My angel, who I will miss every day, who I made so many plans with that will never come.
My angel, who made God so happy he could not wait to have him home.
So, my angel, you spread your wings and enjoy all that you've worked hard for.
My angel on earth, now promoted to heaven. Continue to guide and watch over us, every once and a while come and say hi in a dream or two.
I love you and even though you aren't here to tell me it back I know you always will, and I'll carry that love in my heart forever.

Love…Your Daughter
Pora Shmora
My Father, The Greatest Man I Know.
Honest...Humble...Hard Working.
You have always pushed me to be my best,
and now you inspire me to be my best.
Your legacy lives through me!
I love you forever and always.

Love…Your Son,
Shaughnaussey "Braddah"
Been battling with a lot lately and I don't know why,
No one knows I'm up late at night trying to dry my eyes while I cry.
I always thought depression wasn't real,
Until you're fake smiling in everyone's face, but they don't know how you really feel.
I remember the phrase you taught me, "No See, No Good"
So I hope no one sees me hurting inside, cause I tried to hide it the best I could.
God takes you home and we know it's for the best deep down in our heart
But why now when I'm already literally falling apart.
I start to see people who was never really there,
And then they talk to us like they even care.
That's why I have a hard time trusting unfamiliar faces,
Cause I realize nothing is ever promised, cause even the sun leaves on a daily basis.
God bring back uncle Larry, uncle Soara, and bring back uncle Jess,
If not, let their souls rest, protect who's left and watch their steps.
I wish Aunty Lika, Shaughn and Pora nothing but the best,
And I pray that everyone they cherish, and love turns out blessed.
Love You Uncle,
For Larry,
eThank you for all the love and respect you gave us. We have no words to express our thankful hearts in all that he did for us. Checking on us every day to make sure we were okay. Thank you for being a good father to Pora and Shaughnaussey. Thank you for everything, we will never forget you. He is more than a son in law to us, he treats us like his own parents. And the last thing I want to tell him is…he cheated me; he is supposed to bury me (this is mama)
We love you Larry,
Mama and Papa
Dearest Larry,
The gravity of your earthly departure is still so difficult for me to accept. The impact you've had on our family, especially the role you played in helping us raise Ecsedy and Xabriel, will never be forgotten no matter how much time goes by. We'll retell every story of all the field trips you took with them, remind them of all the excuses you made to buy them things, and make sure they know how creative you were every time you insisted on keeping them longer when it was time for them to go home. Our family wouldn't have succeeded and prospered without you in it and to say your absence has shattered our hearts is an understatement. Heaven gained an angel the day you received your wings.

We will always love you,
Alfie, Samson, Ecsedy, and Xabriel
Uncle Larry
Thank you.
You told me nothing is too far out of reach to pursue.
You fed me food and life lessons.
And said Jesus will always hold my blessings.
You embodied dedication,
And you push through despite the tribulations.
You were proof that hard work pays off always.
Now you're gone and are standing in Heaven's walkways.
Say hi to Jesus for me
Tell Him that He's the real MVP.
You told me that our aggression in basketball was the same.
And you said that people who called "foul" all time, were lame.
I couldn't help but to agree.
And all the scraps I got into on the court don't disagree
Thank you for expressing your passion for the game with me
Can't wait to see you and Uncle Jesse
Sending you off with blessings and love
Now you get to fly with the angles & the doves
Hi uncle! It's Sunga. First off I want to say I love you. Even though we didn't see each other often, I hope you know in your heart that I love you and those time we did meet it was a blast! Secondly, I hope you got to see the many faces that God took along with you, like uncle Soala, grandpa Helenihi, and most importantly Uncle Jesse. I know you guys must be having fun, maybe a little too much fun especially with Jesus in the midst. Thank you for all the memories at the Makakilo house of me trying to play restaurant and serve you only spaghetti (because that's all I knew how to make at the time lol) For the countless times you scared aunty because she hated lizards and so you would use your fingers to crawl up her neck lol. For allowing us to build a fort in your living room or build hammocks on the bunk beds and not getting upset about it. I still need to know the dime trick that you refuse to tell me! I guess you'll have to visit in my dreams to revel your secret ? Please don't forget to visit me as I lay my head to rest, it would be such a joy if you could bring uncle Jesse too. Have a blast in paradise uncle. I Love You and I will miss you so much.
Love, Sunga
Uncle Larry
lAs a kid, I remember seeing Uncle Larry, every evening at the dinner table, reading his Bible. That truly made an impact on my life. Looking back. I remember watching Uncle Larry at the different stages in his life. His perseverance. His persistence. His drive. His tenacious grasp on life. His work ethic. His love for Jesus. All these things have truly made an impact on my life.
I remember at the different stages in my life. From my childhood, to the teen years, and on into my adulthood. Uncle Larry would always have timely words of encouragement and words of wisdom for me. Nuggets that I apply to my my life til this very day.
Uncle Larry's words and actions have truly helped to prepare and guide me to be the man that I am today. He taught me never to give up. Never quit. Failure is just a stepping stone. Never stay down. Always get back up and push forward. I can do it. I can be successful. These are the things that are vivid in my mind as I think of Uncle Larry.
The zeal that I have for life has a lot to do with watching Uncle Larry's life example to me. For this, I thank the Lord our God through Jesus Christ for my Uncle Larry.

Til we meet again, with all my love,
Richard James Kaulahea Baugh
You are one to make sure things are done as it was said to be,
You will stand up for what is right when it comes to family.
You have loved, and given of yourself for those you care for
You have not ceased to show those close to your heart that love
You have worked to give your family and parents in law what they need
You have taught Lika, Pora & Shaughn the importance of hard work, and
Always remember to take care what God has bless you folks with
You have given time away from home to make sure you have build a life
for them from beyond the grave, you have certainly out done yourself.
Now, Jesus said "Larry come home" you struggled not to leave, you held on
but, heaven was too good to give up…Jesse is waiting at the gates with a basketball
as Pora would say "Mom! Dad is in heaven playing basketball with Uncle Jesse" I thought that was an awesome way to put it!!! But I'm sure you passed by Jesse and everyone else, because you wanted to see JESUS face to face, to tell him to make sure he take care of your crazy wife Lika, daughter Pora and son Shaughn, and lets not forget the 3 room-mates that moved in and never left…LOL!
I will make sure to look out for your family as you have asked Elliott & I to do…Enjoy Heaven, we will be there soon!
With Lots of Alofaga, Manuia Lau Malaga
Elliott & Vela
There's a lot to remember Larry for…but for me, Larry will always be remembered for the way he loved Mama and Papa. Thank you for always having their best interest in mind.

Larry was truly one of the kindest people I knew. I always remember him smiling that big, wonderful smile that lit up the room. I will miss seeing that smile."
Celia Miller
Executive Assistant
Custom Goods LLC
Larry was a gift from above!!! He made this world so much brighter and better. He blessed my life, when I think of him - I feel loved, for Larry truly loved his Family and friends to the core.
Marie Olivarez
Happy Valentine's Day My one and only, my best friend, my confidant, my forever love and husband!!
Today and everyday I will celebrate you and all that you are to me. Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 11:31pm you left this world and stepped into the glory of God. I struggle with "God makes no mistakes" and "God knows exactly what He is doing", but like you always tell me, Braddah and Pora…there is no sense in worrying about things that we cannot control. I know you hate recognition and the spotlight, which is why until Braddah and Pora were in high school, they thought you were the "best waterboy" Nanakuli ever had. They never knew the accolades that were attached to your name because you didn't want to pressure our kids to live up to your accomplishments, instead you wanted them to find their own path. This page is for one simple reason…Throughout our lives, there were times you have doubted yourself, and have wondered if you made a difference, or if you've made an impact. There were even times when you asked me if you contributed enough to your work and your family. This page shows that the doubts you had were not warranted. As you can see, you touched people's live, you made an impact and you definitely made a difference. I LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS.
You are the man that showed me what loving someone looks like. You are a man of few words because your actions did the talking. You are the man who asked me when we got married "what is it that you want from me as we live our lives?" and I said, "I would like for us to help care for my parents when they get up in age". You are the man that made me a promise and for the past 10 years, mama and papa have been with us and we are able to watch over them and care for them. You are the man who loves Shaughnaussey and Pora. You are the man that told Shaughnaussey to learn from your mistakes, and showed him by your love for me and Pora, how to treat a lady. You are the man who treated Pora like a princess and who instilled in Pora her worth, and that she should never settle for anyone who doesn't treat her like a queen. You are the man who showed me, Pora and Braddah through your example what hard work, loyalty, dedication and honesty will get you in this life. You are the man that loves me for me. You are the man, who throughout the years, has sent and given me cards that simply say "Just Because". Cards for no special occasion but just to say you love me. You are the man who showed me everyday that my worth is priceless. You are the man who defends me. YOU ARE MY BLESSING FROM GOD.
I will never know what I did to deserve YOU! You have given me, Shaughnaussey and Pora a life that some people only dream of. We, along with Mama, Papa and Nesa are reaping the benefits and blessings of your hard work and throughout our lives whenever I would say "thank you" you simply replied by saying "that's what you do when you love someone". Many of us know your story before me, and I thank you for allowing God to change you. Thank you for your testimony that not only freed you, but you used it as a tool to help others. Your love and trust in God, and constant reminder of what God has done for us will give me strength as I breathe each breath without you. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I miss your Friday jokes on post-its. I miss our weird sense of humor together, cause no one understands me or my sarcasm like you do. I miss your laugh and your smile. I miss you yelling "who's that" when you hear a noise in the house, as if the would be "robber" would answer you back and say "it's Tony!" I miss you making me laugh! I miss you holding my hand. I miss your gentle touch on my back when you say "Lika, don't even worry about it"! I miss when you take my face in your hands and give me sweet kisses on my cheek! I miss slow dancing with you with no music playing. I miss you calling me to tell me "eh I just heard the song "from this moment"…isn't that our song?" knowing that you would get a reaction, then laugh at me about it. I miss Sunday poker games! I miss you cooking up new things and "plating" dinner as if we are at a fancy restaurant. I miss your wisdom and knowledge. I miss sitting outside with you and "taking it all in", this home that your worked so hard for, calling it "your greatest achievement". I miss laying next to you and talking about our future plans and trips we were taking. I miss the sound of your voice when you say my name to calm me down. I am so sad that you only got to enjoy our "forever home" for a short while. I'm sad that you will not be walking Pora down the aisle and doing your father daughter dance routine that you choreographed. I'm sad Shaughnaussey and Pora's children will never know their goofy grampa and will never hear the sound of your laugh or see that beautiful smile. They will never experience all the love that you have to offer and that makes me sad. I am sad that you will not be here to see the new state of the art SAPC warehouse in Kapolei that you were excited and anxious about at the same, I know how excited you were about your 5 minute commute to work. I miss you talking about retiring after seeing the move through and I definitely miss the look on your face when I say "I'm pretty sure you and Bev will not be retiring any time soon". So many things that makes me sad and many more that I will miss, but you always say "trusting" God is hard but it's what we need to do. You trusted God for everything and that is a legacy that lives on. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for caring for mama and papa. Thank you for making me complete. Thank you for helping me grow and become a better person. Thank you for loving me for me (cause everybody knows I'm a little cuckoo at times).
Larry, my love, THANK YOU for fighting as hard as you have to stay here with me, but God saw your pain and wanted you to come home to rest. Your heart of gold made God want you to be with him more and saw that you had accomplished all that you wanted to in this life and God said, you have fought a good fight, you have finished the course, you have kept the faith...come and get your crown!
So, as you walk the streets of gold and look for our "forever mansion" and see all those who have gone before you, glance our way every now and then, and when you see my time on this earth coming to an end, please wait for me at the gates of heaven so you can take my hand, walk me in and give me the grand tour.
I gave you my heart and I don't want it back, just keep it safe til we meet again.

Loving you forever
Your wife and best friend…Lika

A Special Thank You

Servco - Mark Fukunaga, Rick Ching, Bev Sato and all Team Servco, on behalf of Larry, thank you for the opportunity that allowed for Larry to live out his dream of being a part of this amazing company. I will always be grateful for what you folks did for us on January 12, 2021.

Custom Goods/Fed Ex - Tony Gregory, Celia, Marie, Alan and Barry, thank you for opening up new adventures for Larry and for your help in making his "dream trip" a reality. "Go Rams"

Armed Services YMCA - Laurie Moore, Kim Jeremiah, Lanita Vargas, JN, TR, JBM, KB, MR and RJ – thank you!

Dr. Matusda and the MICU doctors and nurses, for fighting just as hard as Larry did, I thank you. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed by me.

To our family, friends and family by choice, for your prayers, love and support, I thank you. My heart is overwhelmed with the kindness you have shown Pora, Shaughnaussey, and me as we navigate and learn how to live without this amazing man who made our lives complete.

To my sisters, Vela and Coke thank you from the bottom of my heart, you both have gone above and beyond.

For Mama Geri, thank you for raising an amazing son who loves Shaughnaussey, Pora and me unconditionally. You would be so proud of Larry. Together we lived our lives honoring God and loving each other unconditionally with absolutely NO REGRETS!

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased