RUSSELL DEAN BOYER Russell Dean Boyer, fondly known to his family and friends as "Russ", passed away in Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, on Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, at 12:09 pm. Due to Covid, only a few family members were able to visit, including Lynda, Julianne and Ted. Most importantly, Maryann was there holding his hand as he crossed to the other side.
Russ's international journey began at 18 when he left Mentor, Ohio, to serve in the Communications and Intelligence division of the United States Army. Along the way, he met and fell in love with Harue, "Mary-Ann" and married her in 1964. He gravitated to the pharmaceutical industry due to his love of science and business. He worked for Miles, then for Vicks in Japan--becoming fluent not just in speaking but also in writing and reading, followed by work in Indonesia and Thailand. In recognition of his entrepreneurial skills and acumen with people, he was promoted by Boots, Inc., as a country-manager in the Philippines. After retiring from Boots, he decided to venture on his own, starting up a company in Beijing, conducting clinical trials. There, he picked up yet another "simple" language: Mandarin.
After retiring from the pharmaceutical industry, he and Maryann moved to Alameda, California. There, he decided that he loved Filipino cuisine so much that he started a business specializing in items such as longanisa and lumpia. Working assiduously on his recipes, he gained entry into tough markets such as Costco.
Due to his work, Russ and Mary-Ann lived in many countries and traveled extensively. He promised Mary-Ann that, when he fully retired, he'd move to wherever she wanted. She chose Hawaii. Soon after their move to a town called Mililani, Russ followed yet another passion: flying. He gained a pilot's license and generously offered flights to his friends and family. He also discovered the Rotary Club, in which he devoted himself to their many local and international projects. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's after their move to Hawaii. Being Russ, he approached his condition with gusto, researching and sharing his knowledge with others. He created a monthly support group and, due to Covid, transitioned the group to a zoom format with relative ease.
Known for his insatiable curiosity, intellect, ability to listen, community-mindedness, generosity, and dry humor, Russ was a respected member of the Rotary Club and a beloved host of the Hawaii Parkinson's Assoc. support group in Hawaii Kai.
Russ is survived by his wife Mary-Ann Boyer; sister, Lynda Boyer; cousins, Linda Pitney, Ted Calvert and Tom Lorincz; nieces, Amanda and Julianne, and nephew, Eric.
A virtual memorial service will be held for his family and friends on September 4th, 2021. In lieu of flowers, Russ requested donations be made to the Hawaii Kai Rotary Club and the Hawaii Parkinsons Association.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased