Nancy Yoshiko Maida
Nancy Yoshiko MaidaWe are all connected. All roads meet, and even the weariest river winds somewhere safe to sea.

Nancy Yoshiko (Uyehara) Maida, 99, of Honolulu, joined Danny on January 16, 2022. Born October 20, 1922, in Pepeekeo, Big Island, she arrived in Honolulu a girl in a family of nine, and departed a near centenarian. Her best years went to Times Super Market and her home life in Moanalua Gardens where she was devoted to Danny and daughter Joanne, through times of lean and times of plenty. In the early years they sacrificed dearly to give Joanne what they never had – game changing opportunities – including a legal education in Seattle. In midlife, they traveled to the far ends of the Earth often, until Danny passed. From a life blessed with vibrant health, Nancy fell ill in her final years, but was cared for in the comfort of her home by Joanne and son-in-law Joseph Hilldorfer. As dementia, deafness and pain overtook mind and body, she remained true to her core, an exuberant spirit, cheerful, grateful for Life and quick to laugh at Joe and Joanne's lame jokes. Although she gave up cooking, she still kept sharp elbows in her kitchen, not shy of hollering as she muscled through on her walker, Outta da way! Okoles off da road!, followed by puckish cackling. As dementia took firm hold, she couldn't tell you the name of the sitting President, but she called Blue, the family Lab, by name, until that memory also faded. Thank you, St. Francis Hospice, for your compassion and care. Thank you, family & friends, for your countless kindnesses. Mom was honored by those who were abiding presences in her final years. In these risky times, the family has waived a pre-planned service for the safety of all.

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