Gilbert Tetsuji Mitsumori
Gilbert Tetsuji MitsumoriNow, here was a man. Funny, humorous, laughing together; always listening and helping others, which had them helping in return.

Gilbert's first 10 years were spent between Kalihi-kai and Waikiki. In Waikiki was the Mitsumori Food Concession, where collecting empty and discarded soft drink bottles for recycling was his first job.

During the next 10 years until about age 20, the family lived in Hiroshima (city and countryside) while the painful Pacific World War II happened.

Mother KOGA-MITSUMORI and all her children were born in the Territory of Hawaii and held dual citizenship while in Japan. From about 1950, Gilbert returned to Hawaii and remained in Ewa, Oahu Island.

Besides retiring as an electrician with the LUALUALEI/Barbers Pt. USA Naval Bases in 1985, Gilbert worked many years with several travel companies connected with Japanese tourism.

Gilbert is survived by wife - Annie; children - Carl, Melanie and Lois, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Also, sister - Jane, several nieces and nephews, and many cousins.

Private viewing held. A Fond Sayonara and Aloha to a life well-lived.

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