Dr. Elsie Elizabeth Blossom Wang
Dr. Elsie Elizabeth Blossom WangDr. Elsie Elizabeth Blossom "Gratitude" Wang (75) left this physical world unexpectedly on September 6, 2022. The presumed cause is cardiac arrest, which is a blessing as there was likely no significant conscious suffering.

She is and will always be the incomparable and irreplaceable Mama to Nicole and Adam; The amazing Grandma Awesome to Dylan, Danica, and Dane; Loving Sister to Nancy and Marcy; Doctor and healer extraordinaire to countless souls; and Gratitude Surrender to the Universe.

She was kinetic. She lived an insistent life of principles, fighting for what she believed in, no matter the cost. She took on challenges with unrelenting defiance, uncommon curiosity, and unreasonable determination. She brought novel perspective often and immoderately to most any situation, owing to the unique set of experiences that forged her mind and annealed her lens on the world.

A fiercely independent thinker, normalcy didn't interest her. She preferred being orthogonal to 'the ways things are done.' Her love for her family was fully saturated and industrious. And she found joy in many unexpected facets of being.

In a literal sense, she lived several distinct lives. Against improbable odds, she survived and thrived for decades longer than western medicine believed possible. She said it was the universe's plan for her to be here to heal others. And she developed a faith in the universe that sustained and nourished her in her later years.

There will never be another like you. We love and miss you always.

As she would sign her messages, Love and Light.

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