Christian Kwon Luke Ching Sr.

Posted On September 14th, 2010 -



The memory of you is strong. At times we cry, missing you. Not a day goes by that you don’t come to our minds. We hear your laugh and we see your smile. We think about you. We wish you were here.

Your sunrise was on December 11, 1940. You did so much in such a short amount of time. We smile when we think of the good times, when we were happy, when we were together. Your sunset was on September 14, 2009. You fought the good fight. You never gave up. You left us surrounded by love.

We celebrated your life on October 3, 2009. It seems like it was just yesterday. Family and friends from near and far came to express their love and compassion. Our heartfelt “Mahalo” for their generous gifts. We commemorated your Hawaiian-Chinese ancestry. Your brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, cousins, classmates, military bud-dies, teammates, and coworkers, all shared in the words spoken, sang to the music, danced in your honor, and watched as you took your final jump.

The ocean that surrounds Kawaihae embraces the memory of you. We, Mary Esther, Chris Jr., Viclynn, Lori, and Keola will forever remember everything that was you. Your grandchildren and great-granchildren will continue your legacy. The ones who love us are our O’hana. We’ll see you, when we see you!

- Denotes U.S. Military Veteran