Thomas Haynes
Thomas HaynesTom Haynes passed away on March 23. In July, he was to celebrate his 75th birthday and first grandchild. Tom was his own man and everyone's friend. His friendships were of the lifetime variety, stretching from his boyhood home of Kalamazoo, Michigan; to U.S. Army deployments; to the University of Michigan & UCLA, where he earned degrees; to NY, CA and finally Honolulu, where he met his bride of 34 years, Annette Preza. Their two children, Brianne and Richard, brought joy and comfort to Tom as they shared his life and times. As a sportswriter for the Kalamazoo Gazette, a television reporter and his many years as an advertising executive, Tom honed his formidable writing skills. His favorite subject— golf courses— came to the fore in his 2001 coffee table book "Golf Courses of Hawaii," as well as in a slew of other publications and websites. Tom also loved baseball, basketball, and a plethora of other sports & recreational pursuits, especially Brianne's memorable softball exploits and Richard's stellar play on the baseball diamond & basketball court. He was just as fervent a cheerleader & coach to the offspring of his friends, relatives and neighbors, who will remember Tom as always ready, willing and able to pitch in and help. His favorite expression is his perfect epitaph: Tom Haynes is no longer with us—"It's an outrage!"

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